Rocky Mountain Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, LLC

Programs and Services We Offer:

- Individual Therapy 

- Family Therapy 

- Group Therapy

- Intensive 4-6 week Intervention 

-​ *New* Over the Phone or In-Home Therapy

- Corporate Team Building and Retreats

- Therapeutic Group Programs with Community Organizations 


Individuals and Families

While we do not accept insurance, we are able to offer customizable sliding scale rates. We are also able to provide each of our clients with a SuperBill you can submit to your primary insurance company as well as accept payment from third parties. Please contact for more information. 

Meet and Greet at the RanchFree

Intake: 1.5 to 2 hours - $150

Individual Sessions:

 Please contact for more information 

Family Sessions: 

Please contact for more information


We serve individuals, youth, and families that have/are experiencing including, but not limited to: 
Difficult Life Transitions 
Relationship Difficulties 
Conduct/Behavioral Issues 

Therapeutic Group Rates

These rates are a starting point for services and can bechanged based on the type of work being offered and collaborating agencies financial capabilities. Group programming is generally between 6 - 14 sessions,1x per week and lasts between 1 and 4 hours. Maximum group capacity – 8 participants, Minimum – 4 participants.

·     Rates for Therapeutic Groups with collaborating agencies, please contact for pricing details.  

Corporate Events and Team Building Retreats

These rates are a starting pointfor services and can be changed based on the type of work being offered and collaborating agencies financial capabilities.

Minimum 2 Hours, Maximum 5 Hours

Please Note: We offer sliding scale rates and fees, which we negotiate on a case-by-case basis.

We accept credit cards, cash and checks.   

Please make all checks payable to RMEAP

Equine-Assisted Therapy has the Potential to Help Clients:
Identify and understand personal emotions, strengthen empathy, trust, and other areas of social competence (McCardle et al., 2011)
Address self-esteem, confidence, communication, boundaries, and limit setting among others items (Schultz et al., 2006).
Reduce psychological distress and enhance psychological well-being
Decrease negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors (Trotter et. al, 2008; Klontz et. al, 2007). 

RMEAP has Witnessed Equine-Assisted Therapy Help Clients:
Orient clients/participants to the present​
​Increase ability to self regulate and utilize coping skills
​Increase self esteem
​Increase ability to set personal boundaries 
Understand the cause and effect of behaviors and how thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviors are related
Decrease negative symptoms associated with trauma and PTSD
​Become less focused on fears relating to the future and more attuned to the present