Rocky Mountain Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, LLC

Programs and Services We Offer:

Individual Therapy 

Family Therapy 

Group Therapy

 *New* Over the Phone or In-Home Therapy

Corporate Team Building and Retreats

Therapeutic Group Programs with Community Organizations 


Individuals and Families
We are primarily self/private pay only, and offer our rates on a sliding scale. We also are able to accept payment from third parties, if a formalized contract between the third party and RMEAP has been established.  

Meet and Greet at the RanchFree

Intake: 1.5 to 2 hours - $150

Individual Sessions:

 - 1 hour - $90

- 1.5 hours - $120

Family Sessions: 

- 1 hour - $120

- 1.5 hours - $​150

*Please note that our prices are designed to be as affordable as possible for all potential future clients. We believe that Equine Therapy can be very beneficial and we take a pride in being able to offer such a unique therapeutic experience at one of the most affordable rates in Colorado. 

We serve individuals, youth, and families that have/are experiencing including, but not limited to: 
Difficult Life Transitions 
Relationship Difficulties 
Conduct/Behavioral Issues 

Therapeutic Group Rates

These rates are a starting point for services and can bechanged based on the type of work being offered and collaborating agencies financial capabilities. Group programming is generally between 6 - 14 sessions,1x per week and lasts between 1 and 4 hours. Maximum group capacity – 8 participants, Minimum – 4 participants.

·     Rates for Therapeutic Groups with collaborating agencies, please contact for pricing details.  

Corporate Events and Team Building Retreats

These rates are a starting pointfor services and can be changed based on the type of work being offered and collaborating agencies financial capabilities.

Minimum 2 Hours, Maximum 5 Hours

Please Note: We DO offer sliding scale rates and fees, which we negotiate on a case-by-case basis.

We accept credit cards, cash and checks.   

Please make all checks payable to RMEAP

Equine-Assisted Therapy has the Potential to Help Clients:
Identify and understand personal emotions, strengthen empathy, trust, and other areas of social competence (McCardle et al., 2011)
Address self-esteem, confidence, communication, boundaries, and limit setting among others items (Schultz et al., 2006).
Reduce psychological distress and enhance psychological well-being
Decrease negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors (Trotter et. al, 2008; Klontz et. al, 2007). 

RMEAP has Witnessed Equine-Assisted Therapy Help Clients:
Orient clients/participants to the present​
​Increase ability to self regulate and utilize coping skills
​Increase self esteem
​Increase ability to set personal boundaries 
Understand the cause and effect of behaviors and how thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviors are related
Decrease negative symptoms associated with trauma and PTSD
​Become less focused on fears relating to the future and more attuned to the present